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Your Counselor, Ewa Schwarz, B.A.


I am a counselor, life coach, and spiritual teacher with over 20 years of experience. I have studied the fields of counseling, psychology, personal growth, relationships, communications, business, computer programming and technology, languages, spirituality, metaphysics and energetic bodywork! In addition to my training, a 18-year relationship with my second husband has deepened my capacity to help others with relationship issues.  

My interest in healing began in 1988 when I studied a wide range of mind-body healing practices like Transpersonal Psychology, Buddhism, A Course in Miracles, Shamanism, Modern Physics, Meditation, Tantra, Native American Studies, Taoism, and Intuitive Arts. I am influenced by the works of: Carlos Castaneda, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Don Miguel Ruiz, The Dalai Lama, Louise Hay, John Gray Caroline Myss, and Marianne Williamson. I now draw on all of them in my work.

I feel fortunate about the ability I have been given to help others through my unique and effective form of counseling and teaching. My main goal is to help you in any way that I can. I work with you to identify, release, and replace old emotional neural connections and find new paths in your growth, mentally and emotionally, teaching you how to do this for yourself at the same time. Happiness and contentment is the natural state of being for all human beings and I want it to be yours. 

All of your relationships and interactions with other people reflect back to you your depth and understanding of your relationship with God within you. What is that reflection saying to you? If it is not the reflection that you want to see, this is where I can best help you.


My life has been spent searching for meaning and trying to understand my relationship with higher energies, God and myself, my behaviors, and interactions with others. I was fascinated with questions of why we are here, what really matters, and how to be an arbiter of truth. My own self-realizations come in a series of deep insights. Long ago I began to see people for who they really were, and not for the faces that were presented to me.

My studies include Counseling training at the Clearmind Institute, Personal Growth Studies at the Shambala Society, Group Therapy intensive training, B.A. at the University of Massachusetts, Certificate of Computer Science at British Columbia Institute of Technology, and extensive training in Linguistic Internet Communications Technologies.   

I started to share my knowledge and innate wisdom and began to counsel and skillfully teach others how to understand themselves and grow from each and every experience. This led to the creation of in May 2000. My work today is non-denominational and openly respectful regardless of any system of beliefs. I align with my clients and relate to their issues and mental blocks because of the depth of knowledge that I have. 

As a Client

When you contact me for help, you are asked a series of questions. The purpose of these questions is not just to get your personal input, but for me to be able to read the situation “between the lines” to get a clearer picture. How you answer reveals how the mind works, showing the patterns of thinking and automated behaviors that are causing problems. With this subconscious information, I am able to provide accurate and insightful observations and create strategies for change and solutions that are unique to you and your situation.

I blend psychological understanding, using concrete tools, with spiritual and intuitive wisdom, using metaphysical principles to help you create positive changes. I encourage and motivate you, helping you free limiting patterns and enhance self-esteem. I guide you through confusion, fear and doubt so you can see the truth of what is happening, providing innovative and unique guidance and solutions.  

I help clients from all over the world, helping them grow emotionally and spiritually. We all feel lost, uncertain, scattered, and even frightened at times. We talk to friends, family, clergy or even strangers, yet no one seems to have a real answer. I can help you solve whatever is hindering your growth or burdening your spirit.

Your results

We often repeat the same mistakes because it is familiar to us: we've been there so many times. I aid you in finding new choices that you didn’t even know you had with a series of interactive discussions and exercises. You get tools and suggestions to break patterns of behavior and move forward with your issues in a supportive, nurturing, and safe environment. Your success depends largely on your honesty, desire for change, and the willingness to be open to suggestions. You'll go to a new level of self honesty. I will clearly identify the changes you want to make and support you through that process.

You will need to trust the direction in which I guide you to best deal with various problems. Each problem, even when revisited, is unique and will be dealt with accordingly. You will need to be open-minded and not reject something simply because you're unfamiliar with it or because you judge it before you try it. We too often turn away from what we don't understand instead of taking the time to ask questions, assuming we know what it means. Frequently, the things we reject or judge can often be the very things which will make the difference.

You have free will and it is your choice to follow or disregard the information you get. By stepping outside the old beliefs and patterns handed down to you, you can create a new future for yourself that is practically conceived and spiritually based. The solutions and answers to your situation lies within you. With help you can reach inside and find the way through to the other side.



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