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In 2008, the free counseling draw is discontinued and the archived free counseling sessions are here for you to read and learn from. 

Over time, free help has been given through a series of Counseling Ezines, which then evolved into my two year old Counseling Blog.

Or if you would like a personalized counseling session: 

Click on the free counseling links below to read the counseling responses for my previous free counseling winners:

Strained Relationship - Read this free counseling on how do you heal a strained relationship between a single mother and the grandparents of her child?
Lying Husband - Is this an affair? How do you rebuild trust and what are the real issues to work on to rebuild the relationship?
Unhealthy Parental Relationship - How do you change an unhealthy relationship with your parent?
Slacker Boyfriend - What can you do to get an abusive deadbeat boyfriend out of your place?
Teenage Numbness - What can a teen do about not feeling their emotions anymore.
Suicidal Feelings - A delicate situation of being so overwhelmed with pain that one loses the will to live.
Grieving Anxiety - Grieving emotions need to get expressed so they don't turn inwards.
Custody Power Struggles - Read this free counseling where nothing you've tried seems to work, there's only fights and bitterness. Break the cycle.
Relationship Sacrifice - What do you do when things don't go the way you thought they would.
Lack of Emotions - Why have your emotions disappeared and how do you get them back?
First Attraction - Read this free counseling about how being attracted to your teacher requires self-honesty to get past it.
Missing my Mother - When your father starts dating again, how do you deal with the returning grief at any age?
Infidelity Fears - How do you rebuild trust when your trust seems to always be broken?
Desperate Life - What do you do when you are getting older, going nowhere, feeling hopeless, and sometimes suicidal.
Jealousy Fears - Is there a way to stop being jealous and afraid, especially after an affair?
Trust Issues - Life comes to a grinding halt when you feel you're alone in an untrusting and unsafe world.
Cheating Partner - Read this free counseling to see if a relationship can survive a partner's affair.
Anxiety Answers - How can you deal with anxiety on your own?
Saving a Marriage - Is it possible to work things out or is it really over?
Leaving Relationships - How does a person stop the tendency to give too much in a relationship?
Visiting Rights - Read this free counseling on how does a mother handle the father of a child that's the result of an affair?
Parents Support - How do you deal with having your parents financial support but not their emotional support?
Online Friends - Read this free counseling about what do you do when your online friend isn't as friendly in person.


These free counseling sessions are here for you to learn from and give you tools to use yourself. Send any one of these counseling sessions to anyone that you think would benefit from some free counseling!


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