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Counseling Services

I offer 5 types of sessions, from 30 minutes to unlimited monthly (7 hour) sessions and business employee consulting and counseling. With each service you get:
  1. A set of questions, which you typically receive within 24 hours*. 
  2. A confidential and concise initial evaluation to understand what has happened. 
  3. Interactive counseling, with detailed emails, allowing you to respond to questions and suggestions and get comprehensive feedback.
  4. I guarantee a response in 72 hours and respond on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so you can get a same day response if I receive your email before 3 pm on those days.*. 
  5. An unconditional money back guarantee.

*I take weekends and all holidays off, so they are not counted in the response time. 

Still not sure? Read my Testimonials.

I offer sliding scale fees to make counseling affordable for everyone. I am also open to suggestions as you what you have offer in lieu of payment. If you really want help, you can find a creative way to make it happen. 

Quick Counseling

For help with an issue or challenge that you have just recently encountered.

Receive 30 minutes of counseling with personalized questions and two long counseling emails.
Counseling fee -  $25 - $75.
Exactly what do I get?


Regular Counseling

For ongoing situations or small relationship issues.

Receive 60 minutes of counseling with personalized questions and 3-4 long counseling emails, depending on length.
Counseling fee - $45 - $120.
Exactly what do I get?


Extensive Counseling

For more comprehensive counseling, relationship counseling, or getting a really good look at your issue and how to change it.

Receive 2 hours of counseling with personalized questions and 6-8 long counseling emails, depending on length.
Counseling fee - $80 - $180.
Exactly what do I get?


Unlimited Counseling for One Month

For relationship counseling for 2 people, permanent weight loss, court ordered counseling (up to 14 hours), or for an in depth, freer back and forth style of in-depth communication.

Receive interactive counseling starting with personalized questions and unlimited counseling for one month. This is 7 hours of my time that can extend past the month if needed. The "unlimited" is really on your end!
Counseling fee - $245 - $595.
Exactly what do I get?

Business and Corporate Employee Counseling and Consulting

Available to all businesses, big and small, to help you improve the efficiency and communication between all employees. If your business is losing productivity and/or having issues due to interpersonal problems, then business counseling and consulting offers you the solutions for everyone involved in your organization.

Receive interactive help with your business starting with personalized questions and ongoing email support.
Consulting fee - $80 an hour. Group and long term discounts available upon request.
Minimum of 2 hours required for initial consultation.
Please inquire for more details.



My online counseling services include, but are not limited to:

Anxiety/Panic Codependency and Attachment Couples Counseling Relationship Advice
Self Esteem Life and Career Coaching Emotional Intelligence Personal Growth
Affairs Developing Peace of Mind Guilt Issues Work and Career
Trust Issues Abuse/Boundary Issues Communication Skills Conflict Resolution
Grief and Loss Emotional Numbness Spiritual Development  Stress Management
Blame Court Ordered Counseling Codependency Problem Resolution
Jealousy Highly Sensitive People Anger and depression Food and Body



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