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Ewa SchwarzI'm Ewa Schwarz, an online counselor, coach, and spiritual teacher who provides personalized and interactive online counseling services with advice that's private, affordable, and most importantly, creates solutions.

Through online counseling I will assist you in understanding why you feel the way you do and empower you to improve your relationships and take control over your life. Positive changes are just a click away!

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My counseling services specialties include, but are not limited to:

  Abuse/Boundary Issues Food and Body
  Affairs Grief and Loss
  Anger and depression Guilt Issues
  Anxiety/Panic Highly Sensitive People
  Blame Jealousy
  Codependency Life and Career Coaching
Codependency and Attachment Personal Growth
  Communication Skills Problem Resolution
  Conflict Resolution Relationship Advice
Couples Counseling Self Esteem
  Court Ordered Counseling Spiritual Development
Developing Peace of Mind Stress Management
  Emotional Intelligence Trust Issues
  Emotional Numbness Work and Career

A Contemplative Thought For You

"You cannot remedy anything by condemning it. You only add to the destructive energy that's already permeating the atmosphere of your life." ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

My Counseling Services Commitment

  • An unconditional money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with the counseling or consulting services you receive from your online counselor.
  • Your counseling privacy is guaranteed. At no time is the information made accessible to third parties. View my Privacy Policy for more details.
  • Helping you improve your relationships is a priority. I give you personal guidance in sorting out your issues and regain lost intimacy through my online counseling services.
  • Keeping your counseling emails with your private. Learn how to set up an anonymous or secure email account.

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