Read my Coaching Blog for free self help tools. Need some Hotline or other numbers to call for help on a variety of categories? Look them up here. If you are suicidal or who know someone who is suicidal use local emergency services such as 911, the emergency room, or a crisis center for immediate help if you're having suicidal or violent thoughts. Or go to this site for online information about suicide.

Personal Growth Articles and Books

Desensitizing Your Fight or Flight Response: Creating a Sense of Safety in Your Life By Changing the Meaning of Your Experiences by Ewa Schwarz

Strategies for Coping: Mindfulness in Counselling by Melissa Walsh

Abandonment Issues by Dr. Suzanne LaCombe

Divorce Panache: A Coaching Session by Patty Swyden Sullivan

Psychological Self-Tools a free online self-help book

What Do We Do With All These Emotions? by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

Nurturing the Spiritual Health of Children Through Literature by Delphine Rossi

Understanding Ourselves (Highly Sensitive People) by Ewa Schwarz

Other Resources

 Free Online Coaching Archives

Spiritual Parenting Through a Divorce by Mimi Doe

Take this very interesting Lateral Thinking Test!

Spiritual Health Education: Exploring Methods and Materials for Instruction by Delphine Rossi, M.S., CHES

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A Lesson in Perception

This is a fascinating video about perception that fully applies to the beliefs that we have about ourselves and the people that we interact with in our lives.



A Must See Video on Nick Vujicic


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