Here's What Just Some of My Clients Have to Say..

"I found Ewa during a very difficult time and she was my lifeline. I needed help after finding out that my husband of over 20 years had been having an affair. I needed someone to listen and coach me and I did not want to drive across town on a regular basis in order to get the help I needed. With Ewa's online coaching I was able to put my marriage and my life back together. One might think that because it's not face to face help that it wasn't compassionate and personal. But it was quite the contrary and it was the perfect fit for me. There were times when I felt like she was defending my husband and his actions and that was the last thing I wanted to hear. But after taking a step back I would see that she was trying to help us as a couple to move forward by giving us the tools to use. Her communication tools can be used with everyone in any situation and not just in a marriage. These tools and her advice helped me to work through my emotions and fears and I felt like she was with me every step of the way. She always responded to my emails in a very timely manner and never gave me too much food for thought or detail to work on during the process. It was beyond comforting to know that she was there for me and I felt like I had someone on my side. I understand so much more now about communication forgiveness and trust. These lessons I can use the rest of my life. I am happy to say that my marriage and relationship with my husband are better than ever. We made it through to the other side of a really heart wrenching time and came out the better for it! This would not have been possible without Ewa's help."

"I worked with Ewa for a couple months. She introduced me to a philosophy I hadn't yet known and yet know still find myself barely scratching the surface of. So is immensely insightful and compassionate. And she very much knows how to break the surface of thinking and confusion leading to better understanding. Helping realize, remember again what is of most importance, the individual and its' higher self at its' core is of critical importance. It is no-thing outside ourselves that brings peace and happiness. It is not misunderstanding outside of ourselves that brings problems and confusion. No, all is within ourselves this is how powerful we are. Through the work you can do, that Ewa can teach and guide you through, you can once again remember and be that beacon of light and truth to yourself and the rest of the world. This is what the world needs. Thank you Ewa. "

"Pro's: Receiving online coaching vs. inter office services offers many benefits - when a person is in an already vulnerable state and if they have to go to an office there is this sense you may be getting judged (I have felt this before) also face to face sometimes has this intimidation aspect to it distracting from the situation and the help one needs. The one thing I liked the most about online coaching is the ability to really think and analyze before responding to the questions or statements directed towards me. Some help services are primarily based on listening and not providing informative feed back which is what I like about Ewa's online coaching services there was very valuable feedback provided but we must be willing to do the work to allow the feed back to work. Another plus is to not be restricted to any time schedule or driving some where. Con's: Despite the pro's of the amenity of online coaching services the personalized face to face approach is sometimes missed. When seeking help from online services the hardest thing to handle is waiting for the answers especially when a person is in a very vulnerable state. Typing feelings can also sometimes prove to be a challenge at times as well. "

"I loved working with Ewa Schwarz! She really opened my eyes and helped me to realize that I needed to start examining my thoughts. I had so many misunderstandings and misconceptions that I didn't even realize I had and she gave me the tools to break them down and evaluate them to get to the root of what I was truly feeling and why I was feeling that way. The tools that she gave me are things I can use again and again and are not based on specific situations so I feel more confident now that I can handle what life may throw at me because I now have the skills I need to do so. Ewa takes a step by step approach and doesn't just throw you out there to figure things out on your own. She helps you re-examine every step of the way until, little by little, you are doing it on your own without even realizing it. I have been to 3 therapists and Ewa helped me more than the three of them combined. We connected and I felt I was able to relate to her and her methods even if, because they were new to me, they felt foreign. I love the format of just purchasing time and then using it up little by little. Ewa always keeps track of your time so you know exactly what you have left. It’s very easy to purchase more time because you can go right to her website and use a credit card. I also felt I got a lot of value for what I was paying because of the format she offers. I've been to therapists before where they were running late and didn't always compensate me for the time I missed because of their (not my) lateness. I've also had ones who were constantly looking at the clock which I understand to a degree but with this format you don’t have to worry about that kind of thing. Ewa is kind, patient, understanding and caring. I can’t say enough about her and her services. I would recommend her to anyone!"

"Ewa was my online coach for about three years. It was very easy to get in touch with her through her website. She responded promptly to the first free email. She gave me enough insightful feedback that I felt comfortable continuing with her. I gradually increased the amount of help until I was at the level of "extensive" help. I was glad that she has affordable prices, and she was kind enough to employ the sliding scale for my fees whenever my finances required. I also like the "ezine" articles that are on her site. They served to reinforce her unique philosophy on life that helped me overcome my difficulties.
I was always writing in a near-crisis mode in the first two years, and Ewa's answers were like a lifeline. She always brought my situation back into perspective, and helped me keep my focus on the real process that would bring me healing and growth. I often wanted to stray and complain and generally dig in my heels, but she would gently prod me and keep me going. Whenever I did question her approach, she kindly and clearly explained. She understood my emotional trauma, I felt, and at the same time, was guiding me to where my mind needed to be, from where it used to be.
She did such a good job that I am writing to her less these days, because I feel ready to take on new and different challenges in my life. So she helped me to recover, and put herself "out of business". I definitely recommend her for all those who are in crisis, and who cannot or will not visit someone in person."

"Ewa's help really helped me regain my sense of well-being and self-confidence. I was devastated by my partner's cheating and non-apology for it. By the time this happened the last time, I had become so emptied of all self-respect and dignity that I saw it all as my fault and didn't know what else to attempt about myself to change to keep our relationship going. As a last resort, my partner agreed to help. Since we lived in a foreign country and didn't speak the native language sufficiently to benefit from live help  sessions, we decided to try on-line help. The very first session was a total shock when Ewa asked questions and I read what I was answering! The answers were words from a very sick woman with whom I did not relate. It was only through a combination of Ewa's continued insight and questions that I began to look at my circumstances quite differently. My attendance at s-anon meetings while visiting my daughter in the states, combined with Ewa's help helped me begin to feel whole and safe again. I now realize that I don't know what anyone else is thinking or why they are doing what they do. If I want or need to know, I have to ask them with an open mind, holding no assumptions of my own. What a difference this makes. Reading Ewa's continued postings on FB is a great reminder of what she taught me and works as a refresher course."

"I am very grateful to you and your help, and that I was open enough to consider online coaching, which at first look may not seem a good idea. But when I read your blog and everything on your website, I thought you had something to teach me, and I had the good sense of accepting that. My experience was very good and very valuable. When it comes to sending my written thoughts to a stranger, as I do not know the person (you), I need to do my best to find the words that best express what I mean. There is no facial or body language, no speech tone, no personal knowledge or background, nothing. All is based on words. So to find the words, a great deal of mental work needs to be done, and that, per se, I find very helpful. Also, writing gives you the time to think, to review, and you can keep it for further reference, which is not possible with face-to-face help, where you have a certain length of time, regardless of your needs at a particular time, and you can see the person's eyes checking the time on a clock that is conveniently set behind you."

"With your online coaching, I never had the feeling that you were looking at the clock, it did not matter, because you use your time as you please. I had your emails on a very good timing and they always pushed me to think further. I have learned a lot with your help, a lot. I feel I am on the right track to my goal of wisdom: accepting myself and others with compassion, being genuinely curious (this is one of the most valuable lessons, and I had never thought of it before), looking at the world with my own eyes, and watching my own thoughts as a source of emotions both positive and negative. I gained a deeper level of awareness and I find myself free of fear. Whenever a negative thought crosses my mind (which sometimes happens), I immediately catch it and look at it with a completely different approach. Your tools are always there, and I use them extensively."

"Your online advice has been very helpful to me and I hope to use your services again. Ewa, you are a definite alternative for many that cannot get out etc. It is also nice to be able to review your comments in order to make sure we understood what you are saying. Even if we disagree, it makes it convenient for processing. Your pricing and advice is very reasonable and is a definite option. Thank you"

"I felt the email help was probably the best and effective help I've ever had because the tools for being curious were very specific. I have had ongoing one on one sessions throughout my adult life, so I have other help experiences to compare the online coaching to. When I asked how I could handle a situation you were able to give me very specific things to say that weren't your opinion but clear ways for better communication and I saw and have seen myself improve my communication style immensely since I started online coaching . The price of the help is also affordable, and that I didn't have to travel anywhere and could write the emails and read them when it was convenient for me, are all positive aspects to do help online. I felt cared about through the emails, as well as learning a lot about communicating better. I was impressed that no matter what behavior I wrote about, I didn't feel judged at anytime.

Since you have had the Facebook page I have really been getting a lot out of the posts you have made.. they are reminders of things you wrote in the emails to me and so the Facebook posts are a high value. even more so than the blog.. they are brief and to the point..easy to read quick but make a strong impression."

"My experience with your help service was and still is life-changing. I am in a better place in my life and I have learned boundary placement empowerment strategies to help me deal with my imperfections and the imperfections of others and how to start learning to navigate my relationships, questioning all beliefs and how I fit in that picture. At first, I honestly was expecting someone to tell me what to do because I was so lost and scared. But you provided me with more important stop, think, ask questions of yourself and of others to gain clarity instead being scared..that we are doing our best with the tools we have and that when all is said and done..we are still God's children in all our imperfections."

"I came to because I needed help communicating better in my current relationship and to try to work on my flight or fight responses. Ewa was so perfect because it allowed me to get the insight that I needed, gain helpful tools to use not only now but going forward and I was able to do all this from my own computer- on my time and for an affordable price. The emails I received from Ewa were so helpful. There are no words to say how much you have helped me. I have taken the information and tools you have provided for me and each day I become more and more aware of my feelings and my reactions to things and how to stop it from spinning out of control. Also, the length of the emails were perfect because they were genuine and direct, but just enough that I still needed to look inside myself and ask myself some deep questions. Thank you so much! I would recommend online coaching to anyone who is looking for someone to talk to and give them insight and helpful tools for not only current issues but going forward all for an affordable price. This service has changed my life!"

"Thank you so much for being active and available to help me and my now fiancée deal with some urgent relationship issues. Your advice was viewed as good not only by me, but my really skeptical partner who has never used any type of coaching before. We both felt that you were impartial and there to help us both resolve our issues objectively with care."

"The length of the emails was very appropriate and made me feel as though I was getting the right amount of service. I was very pleased with the overall experience of online coaching via email, as this provided me with a thorough explanation of the problem, time to think about your comments and how I reacted to them as well as being able to take my time in responding. I believe that the monetary value of my help was very fair, and would not hesitate to use these services again. I came to you with a very specific problem, and without hesitation you addressed this problem, and did not try to work around it. While there were other factors that needed to be addressed, this problem required immediate attention, and I am very happy with the results of my help sessions. If I require more assistance in the future, I will not hesitate to contact you. I have told several people about the great experience I have had. My husband and I are doing quite well at the moment, and have learned to communicate much better over the last several months. I truly appreciate all that you have done for us!"

"The online coaching process was very beneficial. It allowed me to work through some key issues at the convenience of my own schedule without having to leave my home. The simplicity of this process makes working through difficult issues much easier. I feel everyone should give online coaching a try and see how much it helps!"

"I have kept in mind all the tools and information I received from the email sessions. I really enjoyed the sessions and the idea of seeing my situation through a "stranger's" point-of-view. Talking with you really helped me see how over board I was when handling my situation and its effects of it in my daily life. I no longer judge my self so much, but I must admit I still do it. But the thought of your words "very innocent situation" echo through my mind and remind me that I am perfectly capable of living a full and happy life if I don't beat upon my self...

The feedback I received from was useful and I like the convenience and the autonomy of the online services. I was reminded by my coach that people often react and fight to defend themselves out of fear of being "attacked" and this has given me a better understanding of some recent relationship challenges in my family."

"I was googling 'emotional numbness' one day to try and understand what my husband was going through and i happened to stumble across Ewa's website. It was the best link i ever clicked on! After reading through her inspirational and well written blog, i decided to give online coaching a whirl. Ewa is a truly talented individual. She responded very quickly to my emails and asked wonderful thought provoking questions to understand the problem as best she could. Her advice was extremely helpful and it is incredible how much insight she has into the human mind and behavior. I would definitely recommend using this service!"

"Ewa can remove blocks in thought and deed that few others can and in short order. She can allow light into the darkest corners which is the strongest disinfectant."

"Though I was doubtful at first, careful consideration of your ideas enabled me to view the circumstances of my situation from the eyes of my partner."

"Ewa's help suggestions help me reduce my anxiety about my relationship difficulties so I could make more authentic decisions about my situation"

"Ewa was a great coach. She helped see things more clear through my struggles in finding out what is right and what is wrong. She helped me develop my communication skills. She taught me to always ask "why" to everything people say to me so I can understand them and not just to take what they say to me as an absolute truth.

Ewa has helped me through our sessions to take the right decision and to take the right direction and path in my life. Thank you Ewa for all your help."

"Ewa brought up things I did not think to look at in myself. She is insightful and I found she was very helpful as a guide for me through a difficult time. I would recommend her to anyone who is stuck with something and needs to look or go about things in a different direction. She is very kind and patient."

"Tim and I knew we had found "the one" instantly. But after five years, we weren't so sure. Ewa helped us remember why we'd fallen in love in the first place, and opened new lines of communication. Our relationship is stronger than ever! My now fiancé and I were angry with each other for a long time. We'd tried to work through things but it always resulted in an argument. We were on the verge of calling it quits - and then we found Ewa online. Emailing opened a non-threatening line of communication that let each one of process and understand what the other was saying. We were still angry with one another for a while, but we understood each other. Once the understanding came, the anger dissipated. Our relationship is now moving forward again!

We were skeptical about the online coaching at first - but we needed something. This was affordable, convenient, and saved our relationship! Email allowed us to both get out our entire thoughts so that the other could read and process, without interjecting with an insult. Ewa guided us through our emotions, and introduced techniques to help our arguments turn into simple disagreements that could be constructively worked through. Thank you, Ewa!"

"I'm super awful about opening up, but Ewa helped me along the way. She didn't get mad at my tentativeness or push me too hard. She did, however, help me to feel comfortable about the entire experience and, best of all, I learned more about myself and my situation along the way. I still use tools she taught me during our sessions almost every day."

"I found the whole online coaching experience to be interesting and different, requiring some time to get used to, but a wonderful medium especially for people who might have problems initially seeing someone for face to face help."

"I wandered upon Ewa's website by chance this winter at, what I now realize, was a critical crossroad in my life. I was physically and mentally exhausted. I felt hopeless and stuck. I emailed her figuring that at worst nothing would change, or at best I'd be given some good advice. Ewa did far better than just offer good advice. Over a very brief, intensive time period she responded to my heartfelt despair with thought provoking words that were both challenging and supportive but always empathetic and genuine. Ewa made available to me simple tools that helped me calm the storm I had created in my life. Those tools have allowed me to calmly, rationally make overdue changes. Months later, the results of those changes are coming into full fruition. I can earnestly say that though life always will have challenges, I am truly more content and excited to be alive than I have been in years. All that to say I sincerely recommend emailing Ewa:)"

""I spent several hours and went back and read through our earlier emails and correspondence, I was amazed at how much I had missed of what you were saying. You have an amazing insight and gift. (you can use that statement as a review)"

"When I needed a voice of reason and empathy during a very difficult time when I had nobody to turn to for advice, Ewa was there. It made a huge difference because I felt I was not alone in this and so you gave me the strength to step back, take a deep breath and consider what to do next. Thank you."

"Ewa has asked me to write a few words regarding the coaching I have received from her and I am so pleased to do so. I had lost my dear mother and had many conflicting feelings about my behaviour towards her in those last weeks and days. I felt I had let her down somehow and these feelings haunted me for over three years. In desperation, I looked online for a coach that might say a few words to help me. I came across Ewa’s website and wrote to her and the coaching she gave me showed me that things were not as they had seemed to me. In her professional but very empathic way she led me to understand where my mind had been fabricating stories and what the real situation was. She was able to point these out to me in such a way that I was able to understand my feelings and was able to put some of those terrible misunderstandings that had caused me so much pain aside. She is a miracle worker! However, she explained to me that I had been very ready to try to resolve my problem which had helped me to understand her coaching and that was why everything seemed to fall in place so quickly. I plan to visit Ewa again online to continue to work on the recommendations she has put to me."

"I cannot adequately express how valuable Ewa's help was to me. She was the perfect answer for me as I was searching for some extra guidance and support during a very difficult time in my marriage and in my life's circumstances. She was able to help me rise above what I was going through so that I could see my situation more clearly (and from a different perspective), offer doable, tangible, and effective suggestions, and provide some great emotional support, as well.

It was obvious to me, while reading her emails, that this was not just a job to her, but that her intentions are to truly help others get through difficulties healthier and stronger. Her insight came at a critical time in my life, and her assistance helped me come out of a very dark place. The pricing and accessibility online are more than reasonable - especially when considering the valuable contribution Ewa makes to one's life."

"When we decided to give online coaching a try (for couples help), we were a little nervous that the email format might not work -- that we might not feel comfortable to write down all of our problems in detail. However, as time went by, and we saw what insightful comments and guiding questions Ewa was able to respond with, we both quickly realized that the process of writing was really therapeutic, and ultimately online coaching was much more successful than our previous attempts at face-to-face help. Ewa was understanding but definitely challenged us to dig deep and open up. We have never been happier, thanks to the changes brought about by our email help  sessions. We are doing so well, and our communication is the best it has ever been. We are truly doing better now, married over 11 years, than when were newlyweds."

"Ewa gives informative responses and thought-provoking questions. She encouraged me to see things in a different light and to understand myself. Thank you very much Ewa!"

"My experience with your services were essential in a critical time in my life. I felt like my mind I was spiraling out of control and did not know how to stop. This was extremely frustrating to me for I am a successful female with a lot going for myself yet felt completely lost. Your services brought me "back to earth" and helped me find my triggers and apply common sense and reality to the situation at hand. You also helped me remember and understand there are always choices and "it is what it is" and I can control my actions to a situation I cannot control. Your prompt and insightful responses were instrumental in helping me get through a challenging time in my life."

"I found online coaching via a search engine and wasn't sure what to expect. After looking closely at the website I gave it a shot and was absolutely delighted. Ewa got back to me quickly and gave me exactly the support and guidance I needed right there and then. After that, she helped me above and beyond to what I had expected and am happy to recommend her. It's been so good to get sensitive, objective and detached advice."

"I first found Ewa on the internet when I wasn't sure where to turn next. My relationship felt as though it was dying; I had no idea what to do about it. I decided to give online coaching a try. Little did I know how powerful and inspiring an online/email help relationship could turn out to be. In those lonely hours when I didn't know where to turn, I'd put my thoughts and feelings into an email. That, in itself, was somehow helpful. However, her replies were always consistently soothing, helpful, inspirational and uplifting. Even though we never met, I felt as though she could see the pain in my heart. I could feel the compassion in her soul. She always gave me a different perspective from which to see my situation. One in which I was not the victim or the lost soul. She helped me see that my situation was actually a culmination of choices I made from deep within my own soul."

"What you say to me resonates very deeply and is the first time ever in a lifetime of on again/off again help where I am really making permanent progress. I am so glad I found you on the web!"

"What was important to me about trying Ewa's site was the anonymity and convenience of the approach. I was surprised to find however how personal the dialogue was between us. I was able to be honest and straightforward with her about my issues in a way I wasn't comfortable doing with others in my life at the time. Her responses were direct and thorough an she gave me questions to work through on my own after our email conversations. I really appreciated having someone help me in such a nonjudgmental way. It was exactly what I needed and I'd use her service again."

"OnlineHelp offers the busy or homebound person an alternative to the office appointment. Ewa provides her clients with a informative, well written approach to issues they are going through. I have found her line of questioning, after writing and identifying my problems to be well thought out and helpful in pinpointing issues to discuss. She always responds promptly and made. certain that I understood what she was trying to explain to me. The questions were helpful with looking inside yourself for the root of the problem and the raw emotions were then sorted out. She really helped me through a difficult time and I was then, as I am now thankful to have found her site."

"I was really needing a new way to look at problems in my life in order to overcome them. The ideas and exercises Ewa gave me were great for looking at things from my family's point of view and that really helped me to see the underlying issues. I was able to make changes in myself to improve my relationships with my husband and daughter. Ewa was very understanding and not at all judgmental which makes her very easy to communicate with. I was very happy with the way she helped me work through things. Thank you Ewa!"

"Ewa's online coaching service was instrumental in not only helping me solve my issue of the day, but helping me in my long term development in life. The help provided me with great insight into my life, and I learned life lessons that will be applicable to any future issue in my life. The help she provides is worth the money!"

"From being skeptical initially that anyone could help me through email, I am very happy to say that Ewa has helped me lots for some time. When I need her support, she is there to offer words of both insight and encouragement. I access her emails online from my phone, and find it very useful to be able to dip in and out and get reminders to support my own behavior change and new habits that I need to form in my relationship. I have used face to face coaching in the past when needed, and absolutely it has it's place, but I have been pleasantly surprised at the extra dimension added by online email coaching as a way to keep in the forefront of my mind, helpful new thinking and practices that support me to make the difficult changes that I am going through. Her emails are personalized to me in my situation."

"My life has improved tremendously since first using Instead of having issues bother me all day, I have hardly anything to worry about. I know my life is better and easier after learning from Ewa. "

"The help I received from Ewa and the email help sessions were very helpful to me at a time in my life when I was suffering with personal anxiety. Ewa is such a friendly and caring person. She gave me many concrete suggestions for dealing with my personal issues. I'm sure I will return for emotional guidance in the future. I was much more comfortable writing my thoughts than I would have been talking face to face. The online coaching sessions were a blessing and positive addition to my life."

"Thank you very much for your insight and time. I have appreciated it very much. Your advice was just what I needed to hear. Thanks!"

"I was skeptical about contacting an online coach, as you never really know if you will be contacting a legitimate person. I work full time and could have utilized my Employee Assistance Program for the help, but I didn't want to take extra time off of work, and preferred being anonymous for the situation. She was very professional and asked me questions so that she can give me a personal response. I enjoyed her responses and they were very applicable to my situation. I would highly recommend her, and will use her in the future."

"When I contacted you I was really nervous about such a big life changing event (retirement). I had been retired for a few weeks and because of the guidance and words of encouragement from you I have been able to make this transition gracefully. Thanks so much. I was reluctant in contacting a coach face-to-face. My prior experience was a negative one but this on-line help experience was extremely positive. Our occasional contact makes me feel that you are concern about my progress and I do appreciate you."

"I found to be very convenient and helpful. I think the back and forth via email gives you time to think about your reaction and responses, versus having to respond in real time with face-to-face help. Ewa is experienced, prompt and pushes you to think outside your normal thought patterns. Her insight helped me think differently about my situation and move forward positively."

"Thank you for replying. It helped a great deal. I have read it over and over again. You are on target with the issues and advice you gave me. Thank you."

" offers the busy or homebound person an alternative to the office appointment. Ewa provides her clients with a informative, well written approach to issues they are going through. I have found her line of questioning, after writing and identifying my problems to be well thought out and helpful in pinpointing issues to discuss. She always responds promptly and made certain that I understood what she was trying to explain to me. The questions were helpful with looking inside yourself for the root of the problem and the raw emotions were then sorted out. She really helped me through a difficult time and I was then, as I am now, thankful to have found her site."

"I regretted not being able to follow up with more contact, and in fact expected to, but I came to realize that the session we had was so succinct that I really didn't need another one!"

"One day I was at the bottom of my hole and didn't know how to get out. This service allowed me to express what I was really thinking in a safe and private venue. Ewa asked me questions and provided feedback that not only made me think but really helped me work through what I needed to. I have tried to work through things in the past but never felt like I could open up to the stranger sitting across from me. Ewa allows you to express all your thoughts and feelings in a private way and she provides honest and valuable feedback. After a couple months she had provided me with the tools to make my way through various struggles I was working on. With her help I am now happy again, loving life, and most importantly loving myself! I don't think I could have done it without her insight, tools, and words."

"Ewa helped me to learn how to trust in my husband and build a stronger relationship with him. Online coaching is perfect for an individual or couple that has a hard time expressing how they feel by talking one-on-one. This gives you a chance to write your thoughts down and go over them in your head. This experience has made my heart fill up with love again."

"I cannot thank you enough for your long insightful reply, no one has ever given me such an informative and meaningful reply and I have tried others but no one really said anything that made sense or touched a chord in me"

"I've been help with Ewa Schwarz for a few years and she has helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. She is very insightful, caring, and patient. She is also quick to respond to e-mails and having the option to receive instant help online beats having to call and make an appointment with a therapist who may not have something available right away. Ewa is right there at your fingertips 24/7. I am very grateful for this service and will continue to use her in the future as needed."

"I had issues that were hurting me and my marriage. I was on route to a divorce from my husband. Ewa helped point out my suppressed emotions that were causing our problems. I felt safe telling Ewa about past experiences and feelings that I would never have told anyone else for fear of being judged. The anonymous online atmosphere helped me do that. Ewa helped me find closure and move on. I am enjoying my life with my husband now, something that I thought was impossible before. Prayer and help are very powerful. Thank you!"

"Thanks for the advice. You had opened my eyes on things that (I) am starting not to see anymore. Ewa, you've been a big help. Now, I have the confidence to really let go. Once again, thank you very much."

"I am extremely grateful for the time you spent to understand my situation. It was a very difficult time in my life and I was glad to have an outlet in which to express my fears and frustrations. Although I will admit it was more difficult for me to articulate what I was feeling via email, it did give me a chance to sit, quietly with myself, and reflect on the issue. I appreciate this form of outlet when a more traditional form of help is not available. I am happy to report that life is moving smoothly now and I am finding more peace within myself each day."

"You helped me when I was at my worst, mentally and physically. Going though treatment for cancer is never easy but feeling though you are being abandoned by your spouse makes life seem hard to fight for. Thank you so much for putting all things in the right perspective, trying to see that before I could move forward I had to look back and realize why I was feeling the way I was. My husband has his own issues to deal with, and until he takes a look inside himself he will be an empty shell of the person I love. I am not cured by a long shot however, I am now able to realize that my issues are mine alone and I definitely see a light at the end of a tunnel."

"Thank you Ewa for being there for me. I did not have the time or finances to seek out help from a coach, but I found you and you did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. You gave me the tools I needed to cope with other's insecurities without falling prey to my own."

"I'm quite amazed at how much you picked up about me. I've gone into some details but you have read me very well. You have a very remarkable ability to do that and understand people. I was completely against help before. The reason I have signed up for online coaching was to be anonymous and cut to the chase instead of having to go in and fill out insurance forms, complete questionnaires, and rehash my whole life story if I was to go the conventional route. Out of all the people I have talked to in the past, you are the only one I've truly connected with. I think you have a much better ability at sensing people and have a deeper insight. It is interactive too and I feel like I'm getting a return on what I've been spending."

"Thank you for all those words. They were very moving and I will work with all your suggestions. Thanks for being so thorough. It has helped."

"I turned to online coaching in a time where I needed help re-discovering myself and finding peace with who I was in the past. Through this process I was never judged, never pushed to do things I didn't want to do, but always guided to the next step and reminded that I was doing well. I felt greatly supported by Ewa. For me online coaching was the best solution since I found it very hard to talk directly about my feelings. Through the exercises she made me do, I learned to communicate about my personal feelings, I learned to listen to others, I learned to distinguish important from unimportant things, and most of all, I learned I had a choice to change things. I can truly say she helped me take my life back in my own hands. Thank you!"

“Ewa’s response was prompt, respectful and very thorough – definitely worth the very affordable fee she charged. I felt my situation was carefully considered and her response was thought-provoking and provided a sense of direction. Very helpful. Thank you!”

"My particular 'problem' was very shameful to deal with and talk about. Just sending the initial e-mail to Ewa was incredibly stressful, but I also knew it would be a step in the right direction. The initial e-mail that I received from Ewa was so incredibly comforting! She made me feel loved, appreciated and unashamed! Her words spoke healing over me and enabled me to travel back to deal with some unfinished business that had risen to the surface in my life. I am incredibly grateful for my communications with Ewa. I wholeheartedly support her advice, wisdom and strength. You can truly trust her with your heart!"

"I'm smiling right now.. Not because I'm happy really, but because you give such an accurate picture of how I feel without me saying very much. I agree with what you say..thanks for listening, your perspective is amazing."

"Fate brought me to online coaching. I was coming out, getting a divorce and stressed over money. When I couldn't afford or schedule regular help  sessions I looked to the Web and found Ewa. Her consistent message and encouragement tempered with my needing to step beyond my normal thought patterns helped me tremendously. It was through regular 'sessions' of email that helped me break through some bad patterns into a better understanding of myself and those around me."

"Thanks for caring and thanks for responding so quickly. I appreciate your help and think that your online service could benefit many people."

"Ewa was wonderful at sorting out the challenges I was facing and gave me some insight into the actions I needed to take. You offered some great advice to make me step back and identify the real issues before I reacted. And most importantly helped me believe in myself."

"Ewa's help service has been wonderful for me because I have had time to consider and think about the ideas, comments and questions that she has written, rather than answering questions on the spot as in face to face sessions. Her fees are reasonable and she replies to correspondence promptly. I have learned a great deal from my help with her, and I would recommend her to others, as well as come back to her for further help in the future."

"The response was wonderful, and I hope you do not mind if I use the services again. Thank you again for your time and assistance!"

"Thank you so much for your detailed and thoughtful response. I think I got way more than (my money's worth)!!! I look forward to implementing your suggestions. I'm fascinated by why we do what we do, so this has been educational as well. Thanks again for all of your help, and best of luck!"

"Ewa you have helped me a LOT and I am so glad I found your website and started talking to you! Thank you for everything; I feel much better about many things in my life now and understand a lot of things better now too."

"Your perceptions about my personality (as a lone wolf) were amazingly accurate and accepting. While I love that part of myself, I have also felt ashamed of it because this society does not always value aloneness. Your guidance encouraged me to accept who I am and where I was in my own development, allowing me to simply be me. In this way, your acceptance of me showed me how to accept myself. You hit on some deeply held distortions I've held about myself and helped me to let them go. In one short session, that is amazing. Even today, I frequently find myself thinking back on your words and drawing strength from them."

"Thanx for your help Ewa . you let me stop and think of how emotional i turned to be . and re-think of everything i do that let him want to stay away from me . so in return . . i got what i want . now he cares more . and he appreciates what i do . so he is making it up for me :) thanx a lot."

"I found your responses to be very very helpful and much more comprehensive than anything I've read about phobias .. I thank you for your help and hope you will be there for me if and when I need your further assistance. Thank you for the good advice."

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