Additional pictures

We now have manatee movies..with a baby!

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The walkway coming into the patio area.









Private patio and entrance.









Walking through the door your first view of the spacious room.









On your left is a very large closet.









Past the closet is the king size bed with the soft sheepskin rug.









Of course there is a sheepskin rug on the other side as well.











Opposite the bed are some of the amenities.









The "kitchen island" has everything you need for your mini kitchen setup plus many extras.





Note the new cabinet on the upper wall for pots and pans, seasonings, and other kitchen items and conveniences for your stay.









Inside the wardrobe is extra pillows, blankets and a cable TV with remote.










The table, with very comfortable chairs, has folding leafs on both sides to make it bigger. (New rug not shown) The bathroom is to the right.











A large tiled shower.













Separate vanity with many extras inside.










Yes, we now have a nice, large sink and it is easy and wonderful to use since it has an extendable faucet arm with spray option!








Extra towels for your use.







Three BBQ's for you to choose from! A large 4 burner gas BBQ with side burner, a large kettle charcoal BBQ, and a small charcoal BBQ to take to the beach or on a picnic with you.










The path from the patio leads to the tiki hut  with your private sun tanning chairs











The tiki hut overlooking the lagoon..did you notice the snowy egret on top?! You will also see birds of prey like bald eagles and ospreys.









The entrance to the tiki hut is almost magical!










Picture yourself here!











The larger lagoon view. Have dinners out on the tiki hut, happy hour, read, fish, or do whatever you like.








Or take the kayaks out into the lagoon or open bay just minutes away (use of paddleboat also included).









The rest of the waterfront to the left.









Imagine this view at sunset!












So many different gorgeous sunsets it is hard to imagine!











Tiki torches light light the path between the tiki hut and your patio.









Guest pictures of their great fishing!








A picture of one of the many manatees that regularly visit our dock.









A manatee performing "tricks" for our guests!










A special night time visitor.








Also available are custom guided charter boat trips on a beautiful 2006 21' Everglades (unsinkable) boat for fishing, snorkeling, or sightseeing. Please inquire about prices.






Most trips start with a stop for live bait. A sample of the great fishing in the nearby offshore waters of Islamorada!







A full day reef fishing trip and trolling (with many more fish caught and released). Today's menu includes kingfish, hogfish, yellowtail snapper, porgies, and more. Of course there were lots of groupers caught when the season is closed!






A 51 lb. (over 5' long) bull dolphin caught on a day trip to the Islamorada Hump and 9 blackfin tuna caught on a night trip out to the hump! Notice the tuna on the far left..yup, that is a shark bite taken out of it!







A very large mutton snapper caught by our guests while bridge fishing at night and a 43 lb. amberjack,  caught off the Islamorada hump.








Another full day trip with great results. The rods stayed bent all day! The good eating here includes cero mackerel, groupers, mangrove and yellowtail snappers, and more.







A 20 lb. blackfin tuna from the Islamorada Hump along with a 35 lb. Kingfish caught by a guest while reef fishing!








Gorgeous local natural beach accessible only by kayak or boat.









Local fauna, starting with a seahorse attracted to the night light in the water, a bald eagle in the trees across our lagoon, and some sunbathing iguanas, in the mangroves in the lagoon.